Online Membership Manager provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful set of features for membership-based organizations to offer the following online services to their members and prospects:
  • Online Membership Enrollment and Renewal
  • Online Event Registration
  • Online Cash or Credit Card Processing
  • Online Mailing List Information Gathering
Online Membership Manager utilizes a relational database for data storage and will support as many memberships, or event sign-ups, as your host's hard drive space will allow. There are virtually no limits. Some clients already have tens of thousands of transactions with no signs of stopping.
Online Membership Manager is designed to be part of your website, installed and hosted with your website. The color scheme is modified to give it the look and feel of your current site. Your logo can be displayed on all pages to continue with your website's theme. Links from your pages are created so users can sign up seamlessly for memberships or events.
As users sign up for memberships, our Online Membership Manager automatically collects user information. This data is saved and available for downloading by an administrator. When non-members sign up for different events, they have the option to be added to the mailing list.
Online Membership Manager doesn't collect any financial or credit card information locally. This type of information is collected while on a secured gateway, such as Payflow or No financial or Credit Card information is stored in the database. The results of the credit card processing are passed to Online Membership Manager, and stored, to give you the ability to understand who has paid for Events or Memberships and how much. Again, no Credit Card or financial information is kept or processed by our Online Membership Manager. The integration and processing of this information takes place at the secure gateway and is seamless to the user.

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